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I’m Coming Back! Stay Tuned!


I've been gone for almost a year now. I'm still here guys! I have been very busy on the family side with our three growing kids and this blog has been out on the back burner. I am hoping to pivot a little and refocus the blog to provide much more quality and direction. I [...]

No Cash, No New Purchases


This past week I did not make any new purchases. I deposited a little money into my investment account to build up the cash to invest, but it is not enough at the moment. I still have some cash set aside in my Rollover IRA account that is just sitting there for future purchases. I [...]

Quack! Quack! AFL!


Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I picked up a duck that will hopefully lay some golden eggs for me in the future.Today I picked up 16 shares of Aflac (AFL) at $64.90/share including commission. My yield on cost (YOC) is at 2.4% and adds $24.96 to my yearly dividend [...]

New Portfolio Page


I added a new page on top to document my Dividend Investing journey. It is My Portfolio. Please check it out and let me know what you think! It's a work in progress and I will be expanding on it with charts and graphs (#SpreadsheetGeek). Thanks to Ryan over at My Dividend Growth for putting [...]


Earlier this month, I learned how to roll my old 403b into a rollover IRA and use that capital to pick up some dividend growth stocks. I'll have to write a post in the future on what I did with the cash. I've invested a little over half of it in different stocks and am [...]

My First Dividend Payout!

By Images_of_MoneyΩ { 2 comments }

Last year, I researched different types of investment strategies to start investing some of my free cash. I ended up choosing to invest in dividend stocks that will pay me to be a shareholder in the company. With the limited capital to invest, I plan on reinvesting the dividends back into the company to further [...]

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There are two sides to Running From Debt. There is the debt reduction portion of the equation. You want to eliminate those negative numbers from the equation. On the other end is income accumulation. You want to up this number as much as you can; working overtime, getting a raise at your job, working part [...]

New Year, New Goals


Happy New Year everyone! I'm back on Running From Debt. I've been MIA the last six or so months from posting anything due to the fact that my life just got super busy with our little Miles in the picture. Having three kids is a HUGE difference from having just 2, but I wouldn't trade [...]

Running In The Dark

20140717-064750-24470541.jpg { 4 comments }

So I've been away from my blog since the spring time. I've been bad with keeping up to date with it, but I'm here! Had some major changes in my life these past months, most importantly the birth of my 3rd child, Miles Apollo! So you can only imagine my hectic schedule at home. It's [...]

Running From Debt Round-Up 2/28/14

Set your goals high and strive to reach them! { 2 comments }

I have rounded up a couple blog posts from around the personal finance and running community that I thought were cool. Since starting this blog, I have discovered other awesome people who write about the same passion as I do. And they are much better writers that I am!! I thought I would share some [...]