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5 Simple Actions To Get You Started In Running

Image courtesy of Hyena Reality / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Recently, I have had some friends of mine ask me what they can do to get started in running.

I tell them, “Just lace up your shoes, open the door, and put one foot in front of the other. Repeat 2-3 times per week.” Now I know that this may sound a little sarcastic, but that is the simplest and most honest answer that I can give to anyone about running, especially to my friends.

With that said, My Friends, I’ve put together 5 Simple Actions you can do starting today to get into running.

1. Make a Goal and Write It Down- What do you want to accomplish with running? Finish a 5K or a 10K? Have a sexier body for the summer? Wear those cool compression pants to the grocery store? Whatever that goal may be, write it down on a piece of paper with a date you want to accomplish that goal by and tape it on your bathroom mirror so it stares at you everyday! A good goal is measurable, actionable, and has a deadline to finish it by. Here’s an example of a goal that may not get good results: I want to run a 5K. A better way to word it is to make it actionable, measurable and by placing a deadline on it: I want to finish a 5K under 35:00 minutes by December 31st.

2. Announce Your Goal to Your Friends and Social Networks- Many people may not feel comfortable telling their online friends that they are training for an upcoming race. Maybe they are embarrassed what others might think about their plans or maybe they are afraid that they will not finish the race at all. I had these feelings before I finished my first half-marathon. I was afraid that I would not finish the race and have people scrutinize me for not completing it. More importantly, I was afraid of PUBLIC SHAME!!  SO NOT TRUE!!!! I find it’s actually the opposite of that. People, especially your friends, will support your efforts and cheer you on. I use the Nike+ Running App for my runs and it is synced to my facebook and twitter accounts so when I go on a run I get “cheers” when someone likes my status updates. It helps keep me motivated during my long runs! Letting your friends know about what you are trying to accomplish really helps you stay on track to meet those goals. It also helps by holding yourself accountable. Public shame is a common fear that everyone has.

3. Sign Up For an Actual Race- Money is a great motivator and if you register for a race and pay with your own cash, you are less likely to not accomplish the goal. I signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon when I first got into running. I knew that I spent a good amount of money to register for the race and I was not going to let it go to waste. Aside from the ‘Bling-Bling’ Medal that you receive, the whole race experience is really awesome and may actually motivate you to register for another race!

4. Run With a Friend- After announcing to your friends what your running goals are, you will probably get a couple friends that will say that it’s awesome and they wish to do that one day. This is your perfect bait to say, “hey, why don’t we run together!” Having a running partner makes the runs A LOT easier and more FUN!! As a beginning runner, we are not trying to break the world record in any given distance. We are just trying to go out there and conquer simple goals and our running buddies can help us accomplish those!

5. Lace Up Your Running Shoes, Open the Door, and RUN!! – ‘Nuff Said!!

Image courtesy of Hyena Reality / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Hyena Reality / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I hope these very simple steps help you get into the groove of running! Your first couple runs may not feel like you are accomplishing anything, but remember:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”- Lao-tzu

Leave a comment below on how how you got started and kept running!! Thanks for Running with Me!

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