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April’s Debt Challenge Update

There are only three more days until my little Debt Challenge ends. Trying to incorporate debt reduction with my fitness goals is one of my objectives here on my blog. I want to get physically fit as well as financially fit for my future. And I want to make this a little game for me!

Here is a recap of where I am at for the challenge:

CrossFit Days: 9
Miles Run: 5.04

So with these numbers, 9 days of CrossFit equals $45 and 5 Miles of running equals $25. This means that I will be paying an extra $70 towards one of my student loans next month. I know it may seem like a small sum, $70, but this will go toward the loan’s principal.

So apparently, I did not do any running for the month of April! I focused a little more on my CrossFit to get acquainted to the workouts. I would be tired and exhausted by these workouts that I didn’t have any energy left for my runs. Maybe I will tweak the challenge for next month since I have to really start training for the SF Half Marathon. With Less than 100 days left, I need to build up my mileage and get my running feet back!

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