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Fitness and Financial Goals for May

Set your goals high and strive to reach them!

It’s the last day of April and I have to say that I feel I need to turn up my gears for the upcoming month. Running-wise, I have less than three months to prepare for the San Francisco Half Marathon. This means that I have to log in more time in my running shoes than I did in April. I ran a pathetic 6.04 miles for the whole month!! That is really embarrassing, especially if this blog is called Running From Debt! Even though I have been neglecting my runs, I have been substituting them with my Cross Fit classes. So even though I was not running, I was still being physically active. That’s what my Nike+ FuelBand is telling me! I have been fighting this little cold these past couple days so I was not able to do any strenuous physical activities and didn’t achieve my FuelBand goal. Bummer, there goes my streak!


I have to start focusing my workouts to more runs and less Cross Fit. Rain or shine. I have to get out and run. I plan to do 3 runs per week along with 1-2 Cross Fit days. I need to remember what my goal is for the Half Marathon: Run under 2 hours. It is a possible goal, I just need to prepare for it. This means I have to maintain 9:13 min/mile pace throughout the run. Last year, I ran the Half in 10:14 min/mile pace. I guess I have to shave off ONE WHOLE MINUTE off my pace to achieve this goal. Time to put in work!!!

April’s Debt Challenge Final Results:

  • Cross Fit Days: 9
  • Miles Run: 6.04 <– WTH!!!!! embarrassing

So with the total tally shown above. I will be paying an extra $75 toward my student loan debt. This amount is equal to about 4 months worth of payments to one of my student loans, so this will help pay it off sooner.  Even small amounts of extra payments toward the principal helps save on interests. In my future posts, I will be focusing on some of my debts and how much has been paid off.

Goals for May

  1. Run 3 days a week
  2. Crossfit 1-2 days a week
  3. Run a total of 65 Miles
  4. Pay extra $100 toward student loan debt
  5. Cut food spending by 7%

I’m going to start small with these goals with the hopes of achieving them. They address both my fitness and financial goals. What are your goals for this upcoming month? Have you set your goals? If not, what are you waiting for?!!


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