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Ordered my Nike+ Fuelband!

I have been trying for the last couple months to order the new Nike+ Fuelband. They have been selling out like hotcakes! Online sales would sellout in less than 30 minutes. If this is part of Nike’s advertising campaign to get more consumers to buy this elusive device; well it is working! I want to track my activities, such as my cross fit and basketball with the device.

The other day, my wife was able to order our Nike+ Fuelband! We’re expecting to get them in a couple weeks. I’m excited to get this new ‘toy’ of mine and log my nike fuel! Instead of calories, Nike has come up with a way to measure activities and calls it Nike Fuel. They believe that every activity has some sort of point reward. An example of this is yard work. You are still doing actual physical activities so when you are wearing the Fuelband, you will be logging in points towards your set goals! It’s a unique way of looking at staying motivated to be active and we shall see if this will help my wife and I get active. I can see us getting competitive and reward the winner with a nice dinner or foot massage HAHA!!

Maybe I will do a review on the Fuelband once I am able to wear it and see how it is. Let me know if you would like a review on it! Also, check out this month’s Challenge on bringing down debt! Join me if you are interested!


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