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My Los Angeles Marathon Pledge

Running From Debt LA Marathon

Last year, I watched the Honda Los Angeles Marathon and saw these runners endure 26.2 miles in the rain. It was amazing to see the how much determination and dedication these people had to complete the race in such brutal weather conditions. I was truly inspired to run! I knew that if these people can do it, so could I.

The next day I told myself that I would finish a half marathon so I signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon last year. I figured I can at least do the half marathon and see if I like running. And I did!

Prior to 2011, the most I have ever ran in a single day was probably 4 miles. I am not a runner. I played basketball and ‘jumped’ in track and field during high school. Running was something I started as a way to exercise while pushing my daughter in her stroller. Aside from losing some “daddy-fat“, I was feeling more energized and less sluggish! After finishing the SF Half marathon I signed up to complete the other half of the course, which will be this coming July. I even talked my Brother-in-Law and some friends to join me in the run!

Today, I just watched the LA marathon on television and decided that I AM GOING TO COMPLETE NEXT YEAR’S LA MARATHON. The elite runners are amazing to watch, but I am inspired by the amateur runners: Whose goals were to run a sub-3 hr marathon, those running for specific causes, the Students Run LA Group, etc..


This is my pledge that I am going to finish the 2013 Honda LA Marathon. I will train this year  with a goal to finish the Marathon. It may be difficult and damn near impossible with a new baby on the way and my hectic work schedule, but I do not want to make any excuses for myself.

“Difficult Takes a Day, Impossible Takes a Week.” -Jay-Z

So follow me and as I take on this 26.2 mile goal! I will write about how my training goes and offer some insights as I prepare for this marathon.

Running From Debt LA Marathon

If you have any suggestions, tips or any advice for me, please leave a comment! I really do appreciate all the feedback!

Thank you and Your Welcome!

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