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Marathon Training- Week 3

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Sorry for the late post, but this week has been super duper hectic in the home and work front. From my daughter’s swim class to my crazy work schedule, it has been hard to find the energy and time to do anything. Also, my Saturday call shift at work killed me and this is the result of it: Total neglect to my training routine. Yesterday was the first day I ran since the 4th of July, where I ran a 10K. It was a little setback on my training and I have to catch up on the mileage in the next couple weeks.

Week 2 Training Recap

Monday: 5K run (30:05 time; 9:13/mile)

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 10K run (1:03:50 time; 10:15/mile)

Friday-Sunday: Embarassingly no physical activities other than work and playing with the girls.

Even though I was able to set out and run on Independence Day, I still feel like I slacked off too much.

Week 3 Training Goals

Well, It’s already the middle of the week so It’s hard to set a real goal for this week. I did Hill repeats yesterday, which killed my hamstrings and I am feeling it this AM. I have to say, I LOATHE HILLS!!!! They are a necessary evil in running to make you stronger.

For my slow/long run on Saturday, I plan on running 8-10 miles. I am going to bring some GU Gel with me for my run to see how it helps me with fuel.

Hopefully, I can get back on schedule in week 4 of my training routine. I know that running a marathon is a big time commitment and I just have to adjust my training schedule accordingly.

For all you readers, how do you balance your training schedule around your work/home/play schedule? What are some tips that you can give to anyone that is reading this. Thank you for sharing those tips in the comments below, and thanks for Running with Me!!


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