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Motivation Monday

Sometimes, simply getting off the couch and lacing up your shoes is the hardest part of running. It is hard to find that motivation and determination to go out and punish your body with miles and miles of pavement pounding. Leaving the warmth and coziness of your bed and only to replace it with the frigid cold outdoors almost seem insane…

As you sink deeper and deeper into that couch something inside you tells you to just get up and go. We all hear that voice. It’s the voice of motivation.  Some of us, most of us, simply just ignore it. It’s that motivation, that voice in our head, that drives us to do great things…

…So listen to that voice.

I saw this video on my local CrossFit’s blog. It’s titled, “How Bad Do You Want It,” and it shows a young football athlete (Giavanni Ruffin) putting in work! I like the narration by The Hip Hop Preacher also because it gives you some motivation to push you to do that extra set, or that extra mile. If you have a couple minutes, check out this video. I hope it gives you some motivation for the week to go do that extra mile!

How Bad Do You Want It from Greyskale Multimedia LLC on Vimeo.

How awesome was that!! Now get out there and run!

What keeps you motivated to do the great things that you do in your Life?

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