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My First Dividend Payout!

By Images_of_MoneyΩ

Last year, I researched different types of investment strategies to start investing some of my free cash. I ended up choosing to invest in dividend stocks that will pay me to be a shareholder in the company. With the limited capital to invest, I plan on reinvesting the dividends back into the company to further grow my stock ownership.

Today, I received my first dividend payout! It was a big deal for me. Just like earning your first $1.00 online, the first dividend payout, albeit small, was as exciting because I earned that amount passively by owning a small piece of a large company.

I received $5.35 from Chevron (CVX)

I know that the amount I received is not enough to retire on, it’s barely enough to buy a venti machhiatto. But, I also know that for as long as I own those company shares, I will be receiving $5.35 every three months from this company. And, as I buy more shares and reinvest those dividends back, those quarterly payments will slowly grow bigger and bigger each quarter. In fact, Chevron has been raising their dividend payment for the last 27 years, which means that those dividends will just continue to grow!

That’s just the first company stock. As I add more and more companies under my belt that produce the same results, ie. continual dividend payments and growth, then I am hoping that these dividends will snowball into something big.

Keep in mind, I own some stock in different companies through Loyal3, but CVX is the first company I own through my E*Trade account.

Disclosure: Long CVX

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  • My Dividends March 28, 2015, 3:37 pm

    Congrets! The first dividend income and as you’ve mentioned, it won’t be the last as soon as you are shareholder. I still wait for my first – started in January. But I’m very excited too! Keep up! Cheers Patrick
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    • Ron March 28, 2015, 3:57 pm

      Thanks Patrick! It’s a pretty cool feeling to know that these companies will continue to pay us for holding on to them and believing in their business fundamentals. I just stopped by your blog, and I am about where you are in the Dividend Growth Income journey. I also own some shares in T! Can’t wait to see where this takes us, hopefully to a yearly dividend of 25,000 and higher!

      Cheers to us!

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