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My Goals

I’m listing here some of the goals that I want to accomplish. Some are short-term, while most are long term. I know these are very basic goals right now, but I will make it more specific as I build my blog. Also, I will be continually adding different goals here in the future.

Investing Goals: (NEW FOR 2015!)

  • $3000 in Dividend Growth Stocks. (83%)
  • $100 in annual Dividend Income. (63%)

Fitness Goals:

  • Run a Half-Marathon  (July 2011, San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon; 2:14:31; July 2012, San Franciso 1st Half Marathon; 2:21:30; Oct 2012 Rock & Roll LA Half Marathon 2:24:59)
  • Run a Marathon (Oct 13, 2013, Long Beach International Marathon; 5:28:40)
  • Run the LA Marathon
  • Run the SF Marathon
  • Finish a Triathlon

Financial Goals:

  • Pay Off Car Loans (4.8% paid off as of March 2015)– Traded in cars for more reliable ones.
  • Pay Off Student Loan Debt (12.9% paid off as of March 2015)
  • Buy a House (Sept 14, 2012)
  • Pay Off Home Mortgage (4.73% paid off as of April 2015)

Personal Goals:

  • Take my wife on a European Vacation
  • Go on a Hawaiian Family Vacation (Disney’s Aulani)- August 2015

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I really do appreciate it!

“You could be anywhere in the World, but you’re here with me!”– Jay-Z


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