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Initial Thoughts of My Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand

Yesterday, I came home to find two small boxes on my doorstep. After a week of waiting, I finally got my newest gadget: My Nike+ FuelBand! I quickly opened the box and began charging it.  Since I already have a Nike+ account, I just added my FuelBand to the account. Really simple set up; It asks for your height, weight and a daily “fuel” goal that you want to achieve. The default goal is 2000 fuel, which is simple to achieve with just regular daily activities. I set it to 3000 fuel and easily achieved it with my Cross Fit class (850 Fuel). It’s a simple, stylish little gadget that helps record and track my overall fitness activity throughout the day. And it’s just plain cool!

Another Little Fitness Gadget

Nike+ FuelBand

Matching His and Hers Bracelets

I use my Nike+ GPS to track my runs and it works wonderful with my iPhone. It was nice to go on the website and track my runs. But I didn’t have any way to track any other workouts such as my strength training and Cross Fit exercises. Some monitors will measure heart rate, calories, steps, etc. This device measures not only calories and steps, it also measures Nike Fuel. It is Nike’s own way of measuring the total amount of work you put in to any type of activity, whether it is running, dancing, or dishwashing! They say life is a sport and the Fuelband records all of your activities.

If you are into video games, Nike Fuel is sort of like a point system that you earn for activities that you do throughout the day. Any physical activity that you perform: Running, mowing the lawn, playing with the toddler, they all require physical activities. And the Nike+ FuelBand records all of those movements. As you set your daily goal, the FuelBand will keep you updated on how you are doing with reaching that goal. You can set the goal to as much and as little as you see fit. As mentioned earlier, I easily achieved my 3000 Nike Fuel goal by the end of the day, I actually achieved 3921 Fuel Points! Here’s a little screen shot of the webpage and how it tracked my daily goal. I clearly shows where the spike in activities are.

Nike+ Screenshot

First Day’s Goal Achieved!

It’s going to take at least a week to see how my progress is and how this little gadget will help me in my fitness goals. One thing that’s cool is that you can connect it to your Facebook and twitter profiles and compete with your friends!


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