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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Card { 10 comments }

You see, before having kids, Valentine's Day was about having a fancy dinner and showering gifts to that special someone. I would make reservations at a restaurant where it would be super crowded with all the lovebirds around. Now with two toddlers in the mix, Valentine's Day does not necessarily fall on February 14. It [...]

Liebster Award { 4 comments }

I have been nominated for another Liebster Award! Tonya over at Healthy, Fit, and Frugal has nominated me to the award that helps up-and-coming bloggers get to know one another and let their readers know is behind the computer screen. Here is the post on my 1st Liebster nomination from last year. Check it out [...]

Running From Debt Round-up

Set your goals high and strive to reach them! { 8 comments }

Happy Friday to you all! I have rounded up a couple blog posts from around the personal finance and running community that I thought were cool. Since starting this blog, I have discovered other awesome people who write about the same passion as I do. And they are much better writers that I am!! I [...]

Maverick { 6 comments }

The 2014 Surf City Marathon weekend is always on Superbowl Sunday. It's a nice, relaxed race (<-oxymoron) by the beach that takes you up and down the coast. This was my first year running the Surf City Half Marathon. It is one of three races that you need to consecutively complete for the Beach Cities [...]

13 Miles of Surf, Sand, and Sun! { 0 comments }

Here's the link to my facebook page where you can find the link to track my run for the Surf City Half Marathon!! And since you're already there, go ahead and like my page, I will appreciate it!! Much love and good luck to everyone participating in any race today. Rest assured that you can [...]

2014 Surf City Marathon Expo

Welcome to the 2014 Surf City Marathon Expo { 0 comments }

Today, I went to pick up my race packet for the Surf City Half Marathon and grab any free SWAG from the vendor booths. I brought along my Little Girl with me to spend a little one on one time with her. She liked tasting all the samples from the different vendors. I gotta say, [...]

My First Marathon Experience

My First Marathon: 2013 Long Beach Marathon { 6 comments }

Last October, I accomplished something that I thought I would never even attempt to try to complete. Yeah, I've said in the past that I would like to run a marathon one day. But, I never said it with any seriousness or motivation to actually run it. Personally, I felt it was a physical feat [...]

My Favorite Running Shoe: Asics Nimbus 13! { 2 comments }

So my Long Slow Run this weekend went fairly well. I was able to put in a little over 11 miles at a nice, comfortable pace. I was planning on catching up to my wife's long run of 13.4 miles last week, but I started to feel a little pinch in my right ankle and [...]

Image courtesy of Hyena Reality / FreeDigitalPhotos.net { 0 comments }

Recently, I have had some friends of mine ask me what they can do to get started in running. I tell them, "Just lace up your shoes, open the door, and put one foot in front of the other. Repeat 2-3 times per week." Now I know that this may sound a little sarcastic, but [...]

Running From Debt Track Pic { 4 comments }

It is the beginning of week 5 of my marathon training. Last week was a mediocre week for me. I failed at not reaching my weekly mileage. My plan was to put in 20 miles last week, but for some reason, my runs did not feel so great and I ran less than I anticipated. [...]