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Restarting My Goal Of 26.2

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on here. My family has come down with the flu/cold/feelings of malaise these past 3-4 weeks and we are just now recovering from it all. My girls still have the sniffles, while my wife and I are about 93-98% better. Our home has been a petri-dish of snot and boogers! We’ve washed our sheets and aired our home to rid of everything and to hopefully start spring in good health.

With that being said, I haven’t had a chance to get out and run. Last year, I made a commitment to run the LA Marathon. Unfortunately, I watched it on television again this year. I was a little upset at myself for not reaching that goal that I set a little over a year ago. I really wanted the LA Marathon to be my first full marathon. I underestimated the time commitment of having two kids under two years old. I just didn’t find enough time in the day to train.

And honestly, that’s probably a poor excuse for not training because I know of some parents who have small kids and run marathons on a regular basis. It’s just that my wife and I were a little overwhelmed with juggling our careers with our family life. I could have easily said to my wife that I ‘needed’ to train and stepped out for a run, but that would be unfair to her at the time and I genuinely ‘wanted’ to spend as much time with my wife and girls as I possibly can. The LA Marathon is not going anywhere so I have another chance next year. With my kids, I only have one chance.

Now that the days are a little longer, I plan to get in runs in the evening and possibly in the early mornings. And since it’s getting a little warmer, I can push the girls in the jogging stroller with me, for however long they can tolerate it. But one thing that I am excited about is that my wife wants to do a couple runs with me! So we will be off and Running! From Debt!!

Have you had any goals that you were not able to accomplish? If so, did you do anything or are you planning on doing anything to get you back on track to reach that goal?

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  • Do or Debt March 27, 2013, 11:31 am

    I want to do a century ride on my bike, but having been training as much either. It’s so hard with the rain here and also, I’m scared to push myself too hard as I don’t have insurance. I am trying to keep my goals in tact, while continuing to be flexible as my life is uncertain right now.
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    • Ron April 19, 2013, 3:23 pm

      Keep reaching for your goals!!! I always say to prioritize your goals in order of importance. If you lay out your plan to get one step closer to them you will succeed! Good luck on your Goals!

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