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Rockin’ the LA Half-Marathon

We Run LA!

*This post is a little late because I have been super busy at home. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

I finished my third half-marathon. Another bling has been added to my collection of medals. The Los Angeles Rock & Roll Half Marathon was a great run in which I learned a few things about myself and my running abilities. It was also a fun run because so many people dressed up in their halloween costumes! The atmosphere of the Rock & Roll racing series is a little more laid back and relaxed. It seems like more people are out to have fun, rather than try to PR during the race. I was just trying to finish the race!

Running the Streets of Los Angeles

The LA Rock & Roll Half Marathon took us through Downtown Los Angeles. The race started at LA Live in front of the Staples Center. We headed south towards the LA Coliseum and ran it’s perimeter. After we headed up back towards the Staples Center. We ran up Figueroa Avenue and crossed the 4th Street Bridge. The race ended at LA Live where The Dirty Heads were performing live as we reach the finish line!

Anxiously Waiting

Awkward pic, but Ed wanted to take it HAHA!!

LA Memorial Coliseum

We Run LA

The Dirty Heads!

Even though the race went well for the most part, my friend, Ed and I were not prepared for this race at all. He was coming off a cold a week prior and I have not been able to put in the miles leading up to the race. We were doing pretty good until around mile marker 10. Ed started to feel a pinch in his right knee that only got progressively worse. We slowed down and walked the rest of the way. I told him that we were going to finish the race together, but not at the expense of his knee. We finished with a 2:26:30 time, which was not too bad. We were just kicking ourselves because we knew that if we really trained, and prevented injuries, we would have been very close to running a sub-2 hour half marathon.

Lesson Learned

The biggest lesson I learned from this half marathon was that the training that leads up to the race helps prevent any injuries from happening. I know that training for a race will make you a faster, more efficient runner, but the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of training is injury prevention.


Overall, it was a fun race and next year, I think I have to think of a Halloween costume to run in! Below are a couple pictures I snapped up before, during and after the run! These people were awesome to let me take their picture. Plus, they are rock stars because they ran a half marathon in costume!

Running Elvises

If you don’t pay your Debt….

The King of Pop is Running From Debt!!

If you grew up in the 80’s, then you know who this guy is:


This was the best costume, because I knew this guy was sweating buckets running in this contraption that he made:

Wasn’t too sure what he was. A bush??

Our “costumes”. We dressed up as runners!

Sign read: Expected finish time, TUESDAY about noon. AWESOME!!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I wished I brought a better camera so that I can take pictures of everyone that dressed up. What would you have dressed up as if you participated in a costume race?

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