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Run For Boston

During my run this morning, I thought about the incident. I thought about how much a person has to train in order just to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I thought about how to many runners, the Boston Marathon is a life’s goal for them to accomplish. It is a race they train their whole lives for.

I imagined qualifying. I imagined how it must feel to be lined up at the starting line with over 20,000 excited people who have the same goal as I do and we were all going to reach it in 26.2 miles. I imagined my legs giving out and having to walk up Heartbreak Hill. I imagined making that last turn and seeing the finish line within sight….

…I imagined a Boom….Boom….

I cannot imagine the chaos that ensued. I cannot imagine seeing people lying helplessly on the ground, bleeding, with a limb no longer attached to them. I cannot imaging not helping them. I cannot imagine having my dream taken away from me when it is within reach.

I cannot imagine not seeing my girls.

This week is a very sad week for the running community. My heart goes out to the victims and their families of this atrocious act of violence. Words cannot describe what they are dealing with right now. As a runner and father, I cannot FATHOM what they are feeling and going through. I also want to show the utmost respect for those first responders, bystanders and the runners who reacted quickly and helped those who were injured moments after the blast. Those people are HEROES!! They did not hesitate to put their lives at risk to help out their fellow citizens who were gravely injured.

We must not let this stop us from running. We cannot let violence keep us terrified and scared to go out. If we do, we lose. We must keep running. We must keep running for the victims and their families. We must keep running for Boston.

We must keep running.

If we do, we win.

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