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Running From Debt: 2012 in Review

By Images_of_MoneyΩ

Now that 2012 is coming to an end, it is time for me to reflect on all the blessings from this past year. 2012 was a huge year for me and my family: New additions, new positions, and new beginnings!

New Additions: In May, we welcomed the addition of our second beautiful daughter, Kalia Pearl! That was the biggest accomplishment we had for 2012 thus far! It is so exciting to see our daughters grow up together. I can only hope the world for them and that they continue to love one another.

New Positions: Six weeks after giving birth to our second daughter, my wife started a full-time job as a nurse manager at a hospital. Talk about superwoman, she was taking care of an 18 month-old and a 6 week-old at home, while learning the ins and outs of becoming a manager at a new hospital! She is truly an inspiration to me! Most recently, she took up running (Yay!!) and is currently training for Disney’s Tinkerbell Half Marathon!

New Beginnings: Twenty-twelve also marks the year that we start planting our family roots in one place. We accomplished this by buying our “forever” home where we could grow as a family. As a military brat, I lived in many different places growing up. It was great to experience different cultures and meet many people, but I never really developed that strong childhood bond with someone I’ve known since elementary. Most of my closest friends are from high school and college. So I am hoping my girls will grow up with a good set of friends that they will have known since childhood. We’ll just take family trips to other countries and places to expand their worldview!

Running From Debt

Running: I’ve been during this running thing for a little over a year and a half and I am really starting to love it! Although my hectic work schedule doesn’t let me have a routine in running, I try to fit it in when I have a little free time. I am constantly learning different training methods and continually improving my runs.

I ran two marathons this year: The SF Marathon (1st Half) and the Los Angeles Rock & Roll Half Marathon. The best thing about running these two half marathons was that I was able to run it with friends and family! Running is definitely more enjoyable with other people. You share the glory of finishing a long race and you share that bond with them.

Debt Reduction: This year alone. We were able to reduce our debt by 5.6%!! I know some people may look at the percentage and say that it is a small amount, but we were also saving for our down payment on our house. As I stated earlier, our main goal for 2012 was to buy a home and we made the decision to scale our debt reduction plan down, while saving for our home. Now that we are in our new home, we can get back to bringing down our debt!

Looking Forward to 2013

My goal for 2013 is quite simple: Run more and reduce my debt. I plan on running my first marathon this year and paying off one of our cars. I think that is a good start for goals this year. As the year progresses, I will reassess and add more financial goals to further reduce my debt. I had planned on running the LA Marathon in April, but with a busy schedule I have to be more realistic and plan on running the Long Beach Marathon in October.

For this Running From Debt site, I am continually learning about blogging. Aside from publishing blogposts, I am also learning different strategies to improve the look and readability of the site. So for 2013 I will be tinkering with different layouts and themes for the site. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

What are your Goals for 2013?

Thanks for stopping by and have a very blessed 2013!!

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  • Joanna V January 2, 2013, 11:00 am

    Good luck with all your goals for 2013! I want to get back into running and hopefully sign up for a race. Running is so addicting isn’t it? I have been itching to blog more too but finding time is so hard. I’ve been looking at some new layouts for my page so if you find a good site let me know! Good luck Ron!

    • Ron January 3, 2013, 8:51 pm

      Hi Joanna! Happy New Year to you and your Fam! Finding time to get out and run is a little harder with a little one at home. You can always get a jogging stroller! I think if you sign up for a race it will motivate you more to run. Just ask Kristine!! I will definitely let you know when I find a good layout for my blog!

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