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Running the Trails in Coyote Hills

A nice lil trail in my backyard!

One thing that I love about living in Southern California is that the weather is  perfect for running, about 99% of the time. There are some days where it gets into the high 90s, but that ‘heatwave’ only lasts a week at the most. Usually, the marine layer keeps it cool in the morning an evening time. This week was the exceptionally hot week where the weather was a consistant 95 degrees. Too hot to go out and run if I do say so myself!

I did an early morning run at Coyote Hills Trail today. It wasn’t early enough because it started to get warm pretty fast. So I ran a couple miles on the trails and called it a day. There are usually a good number of mountain bikers on this trail on the weekends so you have to be a little careful that you don’t collide with any of them. There is this particular hill on the trail that the mountain bikers seem to always get stuck. It is a pretty steep descend with trees and their roots abutting on the trail. It so cool how these guys just go down with no fear while I am trying to navigate the little crevices and hope I don’t get my leg stuck between the tree roots!

Here are a few photos of my run. I wish I took more photos, maybe in the near future. I want to invest in a lil camera to take pics so I don’t have to whip out my iPhone and try to snap a photo with it. But it does take decent pics.

A nice lil trail in my backyard!

The Tree-lined trail in Coyote Hills

The Trail leads down to the houses.

I gotta say, I LOVE CALIFORNIA!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and see you on the Trails!!

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