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Settling In the New Place

Home Sweet Home

We are finally settling into our new home. I’ve been out of internet access at my new place for almost a week and it is killing me! I didn’t know how much I have relied on internet access until recently. I thought, well, I have my phone if I needed to go on the internet…

…I was wrong…

I needed to print out some documents and submit them to the utility companies so I ended up going to the local library and using their internet access. No big deal, but it was just a little inconvenience with all the moving and unpacking.

It will probably take another couple weeks before we are fully settled in to our new place. It’s an awesome feeling to have a home to call your own. We are truly humbled by the blessings that we have received this year: Health, Our Kalia Pearl, Secured Jobs, and now our Forever-Home!

We set out a goal to buy a home and achieved it.

A small piece of the American Dream!

Home Sweet Home“Sweet Jesus! We Made It In Americaaa!! Sweet Baby Jesus!”

Made in America Jay-Z & Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean

On a running note, I finally got out and ran today. I figured, with all the box moving up and down stairs, I am getting my workout on! Once we have our normal schedule back, I can get back out and run. I have less than a month before the LA Rock & Roll half Marathon that I am running with my buddy Ed. I am hoping to “rock out” on this one!!

What goals for the year are you working on? We have three months to achieve them! Let’s all achieve them!!

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  • nursefrugal October 1, 2012, 11:36 pm

    How fun!!! The rock n roll marathon! Who is playing! Maybe i can do that one next year 😉 So excited to be doing my first half coming up in a month! What a lovely house, looks big.

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