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Sunday Runday- Slow and Steady Day

Just came back from a slow and steady run this AM. Nothing too fancy. Just a 3.25 mile run around town. I had to squeeze in the run after putting the little one back in bed after she woke me up at 5am for her feeding. Getting back into the habit of waking up early, even on the weekends, to get my runs in.

With my hectic work schedule, It is becoming difficult to find the energy to go out and run. Starting in September, we are going to be switching to 10hr shifts for the next four months to do some maintainance work in the Operating Rooms. This means that surgeries will be going on into the late afternoon. It makes it harder for us who have childcare issues. But hopefully it will be temporary and we will get back to our regular schedule by the end of the year.

Here are a couple pics of Downtown Brea before the stores open. Luckily, Farrell’s Ice Cream was closed, or I would have had to stop by to get a Sundae!

The Mean Streets of Brea, California

It gets real gritty in the mean streets of Brea! Just Kidding! I love the family-friendly atmosphere here! I could raise my family here one day…

Luckily this place was closed!

I would’ve lost all that I have gained, errr, I would have gained all that I have lost in weight if Farrell’s was open at 6am!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend! It’s back to the grind on Monday. Maybe I’ll sneak in a run during the week. Hopefully!


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