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We Run San Francisco!

Getting Ready for the Race! Lacing up our Nikes and Asics


Ahhh! The aftermath of running an endurance race: Sore legs, sore knees, sore feet, sore toes, and walking like a 75 y/o man! But, as they say pain is all temporary, and the pride of finishing such a grueling race will live within you FOREVER!!

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That, my friends, was all the motivation I needed to finish the San Francisco Half Marathon! It is such a rewarding feeling that you can say you accomplished something you set out to do. Whether the goal is to finish a marathon, half marathon, or a 5K race, the distance is irrelevant. It is the fact that you laced up your shoes and went out into the world and ran it, LIKE A BOSS!

Who can say they LITERALLY RAN ON the Golden Gate Bridge?

On the Golden Gate Bridge, about the halfway point in the race. We were tired and wet from the morning mist. It kept us cool and got us moving. It was tight and crowded because they only blocked off half of the bridge and you run back as you can see in the pic above…

Posing with my 2Chainz! I got the Half-It-All medal for completing the 1st half and 2nd half marathon in consecutive years.

…but I made it and finished!

Days before the race I was beginning to second guess myself if I would actually finish the half marathon. I was training less this time around as compared to last year’s race where I ran the 2nd half of the SF Marathon. For that race, I was running 3-4 days a week logging in 15-20 miles a week leading up to the race. This year, I was only running 1-2 a week, and only logging in 5-8 miles, PER WEEK!! That is a recipe for disaster, or worse, injury…

If you go down in the SF Marathon, we have our CPR Chains to Save you!!

Aside from not finishing the half marathon and having my ego brutally beat down, my biggest fear was getting injured. I was afraid not logging in enough pavement time before the race would lead to injury. I knew I had to run at a pace where I could go the distance and not tax my legs too much. So instead of going for a sub-2hr race (9:08min/mi), I just listened to my body and went with how I felt. I ended with a 2:21:30 time (10:30min/mi).

Nike+ Running App Achievement!

Here are more pics from my iPhone throughout the weekend. I wish I brought a camera with me. Next time, I think I am going to run with a small camera so that I can take some pics throughout the race and share it here.

Picking up our bibs at the Expo

At the Expo, You Know!! My Team!!

Getting Ready for the Race! Lacing up our Nikes and Asics

The SF Marathon Start Line! Everyone taking a pic before the start and posting on Twitter and Facebook!!

@runningfromdebt and @justmeED. Popped his half-marathon cherry haha!! Now he’s hooked!

Thank you for taking the time and checking out my pics from the San Francisco 1st Half Marathon race! I can’t wait to run another half-marathon with these guys! It was SOOO much better running with a group of friends and family than running alone. You share the memories of the run with them. And it’s proof that you ran it and finished it!!





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  • Nicole Arreguin July 8, 2013, 9:49 pm

    Would love to run the Nike run. How can I

    • Ron July 22, 2013, 4:53 pm

      Hi Nicole! If you are referring to the Nike Women’s Marathon, I hear you register and they select, at random, who gets invited to run. My sister was selected this year. I hear it’s easier if you sign up with a running group rather than as an individual. Good Luck!!

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