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Welcome to Running From Debt!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Running From Debt! This is my personal blog where I will document my journey to financial independence, and any other topic that I want to write about. Heck, it’s my blog!!

Begin with an end in sight!


A little bit about me…
I was first introduced to debt when I was a freshman in college. During the first weeks of school orientation, I remember seeing tents around campus from credit card companies offering free T-shirts and pizza slices just by signing up for their credit card.


“You don’t even have to use the card dude! Just shred it up when you get it in the mail. Fill out your personal information here and I’ll hand you your new shirt. What size do you wear…”


…That’s how it started…

…One credit card became 2…

…$100 balance became $1000…


I have always carried a credit card balance throughout college. I even took out student loans to help finance my college education. The debt has grown and now I am in the process of paying it back. It wasn’t until I met my wife that I started to become a little more responsible with my money. One thing for certain is that my wife and I are not using credit cards for any purchases from now on. We have already paid off all of our credit card balances and are planning to save up to buy  a home for our family.

Not on the extremes on any level…

I follow many blogs about getting out of debt and running and I must tell you: I am not SUPER FRUGAL and I refuse to have my family living on Ramen Noodles! Although many people say that you should scale back until you are basically living in a box and eating processed food, I cannot be that guy. I refuse to feed my family beans and rice everyday for 3-5 years to “get ahead” and enjoy it when I am in my 60’s. But, I am making some financial decisions to help better my future financial situation, while living a decent life for me and my family.
SOOO…. If you feel like following my path to greatness, err, I mean debt freedom and physical fitness, then just stop by every so often to see my progress!!

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