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Why Do I Run?

This is the reason I run

I have been running for a little over a year. I know I haven’t put in the hundreds of pavement miles as the seasoned runner out there, but I am slowly building my calluses under my feet (and they are starting to hurt)! A couple weeks ago, my CrossFit trainer posed a question to our class. He asked each one of us why we do CrossFit, or any type of physical activity for that matter. There were the obvious reasons, such as looking good for the summer, fitting in that lil’ bikini, or to be able to lift x-amount of weight. When the question came to me, I told my group, “Well, I joined CrossFit, run, and stay active so I can be healthy enough to play with my children’s children.” Some people agreed with me, while a couple people gave me this blank stare. “You’re a grandfather?” one person jokingly asked me. Our trainer said that was a very good answer because fitness is a long-term goal that you must constantly work on. Slimming down for a season or for an article of clothing is great, but when you are thinking long term, as in decades from now, you have to be really committed to your fitness goals. It’s a lifestyle change.

So, when I run, and set my goals to achieve a specific distance, like a half-marathon, I am really setting my goal to be able to be that much healthier in my golden years. My family is my motivation to continue what I am doing and they are my backbone. Along with my beautiful wife, my daughters keep me grounded in everything I do and are the reasons I try to live a healthier life.

                 These are the reasons I run: Eva Jade and Kalia Pearl

Here is a little list of some of the reasons why I run. It’s not an all inclusive list, but it’s a start:

  • I run for my wife.
  • I run for my kids.
  • I run for me.
  • I run to keep up with my kids; in 15 years.
  • I run to maintain my weight at an acceptable level.
  • I run to fit my jeans (size 32).
  • I run to relieve stress from the hustle of life.
  • I run to enjoy that extra scoop of ice cream.
  • I run to be here for my children’s children.
  • I run for fun….sometimes….when it’s not too hot….or too cold.

My family and my long-term health are my reasons to run and stay active. What are some of your reasons to live a healthy and active life?


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